iOS app architecture with composability and testability in mind

The Composable Architecture or TCA for short is a library to build application in a consistent and understandable manner, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind. This library is made by Point-Free to apply the concepts of functional programming in a practical way.

Context: Typical iOS Architecture

In the world of iOS development, there’s a few 4 most commonly used patterns in architecting an iOS application. Most notably MVC, MVP, MVVM, and VIPER. The details of these architecture is beyond the scope of this article. All these architecture has their own advantages and drawbacks. For example, MVC is simple but misusing it will cause…

Moses is a person in the Abrahamic Religion who was the first leader of the Israelites on their exodus from the land of Egypt to the promised land. He also authored the books of Torah, that become the basis of Abrahamic Religion faiths.

I am going to explain why Moses is my role model and what we can learn from his journey.

This post is written in the perspective of Christian Bible, so bear with me.

Leadership style

Moses’ leadership style is very unique in his time. His style is different in the sense that when the neighboring kings are ruling with…

Sebastian Vettel on his Ferrari (Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash)

How incredible all the cars on the grid are. Every one of those machines are extreme in a way that it is hard to comprehend unless you work inside a team or unless you physically stand in the fast corner and be really close to it and watching it as it goes to a corner. Because only then you can really, really appreciate how utterly amazing the performace is. — James Allison, Chief Technical Director Mercedes-AMG F1 Team [1]

Formula 1 cars is a fascinating engineering problem because in designing it, the engineers have to think through hundreds of parts…

This year, I’m very lucky to be one of the WWDC19 Scholarship Winner from Indonesia to attend Apple’s event of the year. It’s obviously the best Dub-Dub ever since it’s my first time here! Dub-Dub 19 is an event packed with awesome things and I’m going to tell my story from the complete beginning. Here we go!

Abram Situmorang

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