Moses, the Role Model

Leadership style

Moses’ leadership style is very unique in his time. His style is different in the sense that when the neighboring kings are ruling with iron fist, he is leading the Israelites not by military threat, but by serving as their advisor, judge, and messenger of God. Most ancient kings at that time was regarded as god and their words are taken as law. Moses himself never been regarded as god and he himself is bound with the law that God has given through him.


Moses was born to a Hebrew family, but later adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. This means he was living in the most powerful empire at that time. He received the proper education and training as a Prince of Egypt would. After committing murder to an Egyptian, he flees from Egypt and live in the land called Midian. This event turned Moses’ life around. He who was living as a Pharaoh’s daughter, quickly became a regular shepherd.

Faith and Spirituality


I envy Moses for having these three traits that I currently don’t have. I aspire him to be a good and just leader, a person with humility and humbleness, and the most important thing is the faith he had to God.



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